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Initial course designed to offer you high-spirited and thrilled moments to pilot an airplane. The course encompasses necessary aspects to train you on both ground and flight lessons. It is the first step to learn the magical combination of distances between the land and the sky. Heading to learn about altitudes, wind speed, wind direction, weather condition, landing surface, aircraft position, holding pattern in a synchronized manner. Charged with feeling of freedom and flying thousand feet above the ground would never be proportionate to the throttle of a racing car . It remains inspirational ever since man chased gliding birds in the air.

Private Pilot License (PPL) training requires 2 - 3 months with basic knowledge and skills necessary to operate safely and efficiently a single-engine aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) - Clear sunny days without overcast skies or chances of gale . Minimum age to apply is 17 years. Fitness requirement

The course is fundamental for future aviation trainings for career aviators. Certified instructors help trainees acquire basic to complex maneuvers and procedures necessary to comply with GACA Private Pilot Practical Test Standards.

Training includes solo, day/night & cross-country flying hours build-up.

The Hidden Value of Mobile

Successful completion of the course entails trainees, required aeronautical experience to apply for the GACA Private Pilot License. Testing on ground and during flight is a must.

• Minimum Required Training: 40 hours of Flight Training with 10 hours solo flights.
•Single Engine Aircraft
PPL can be upgraded to PPL with Instrument Ratings under complex weather conditions .

 Keeping slide slip and acceleration zero by controlling
             pitch, yaw and roll results in coordinated flight.

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