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Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy is the best located, broadly peaceful & a sequestered town place to train aviation students. Driving about 135 Kilometers on Jeddah-Madinah Highway towards Rabigh town, leaving behind the urban sprawl, passing by the KING ABDUL AZIZ UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCES & TECHNOLOGY- KAUST, King Abdullah Sports City,further KING ABDULLAH ECONOMIC CITY - KAEC and newly constructing Harmain High Speed Rail -KAEC station to Rabigh Airport. Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy -RWAA awaits future aviators. The new rail system will recede distance between Jeddah International Airport and Rabigh Airport to approx. 25 minutes. Inevitably, rounding up RWAA as the exclusive aviation training option in the accessibility of five cities: Holy Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah, King Abdullah Economic City and Rabigh.

Rabigh Airport area exceeds 1.4 million square meters with paved runway of 3 KMs long. This allows the airport to operate small aircrafts and private jets along with large - scale airliners like Airbus 320 and BBJ.
The academy offers combined expertise, technical equipment, modern fleet of aircraft, a purpose-built training campus at the Rabigh Airport. The academy is about 11 km from the Rabigh town centre.

Brushing with the Red Sea on the west coast, Rabigh town revels unique weather conditions predominantly hot but often remains blustery and humid, sometimes showery, dusty or clear – simply unprecedented reasons to train students under variety of advanced flight weather conditions & for above the sea flying rating in Saudi Arabia.

To most people, the sky is the limit.
          To those who love aviation, the sky is home. - anon.

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Private Aviation Terminal Unit: 1
King Abdul Aziz International Airport North Terminal
Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Office Tel: +966 562674620, +966 8111000196

Rabigh Airport
Rabigh Wing Aviation Academy
Rabigh Airport
P.O. Box 653, Jeddah 21421 , Saudi Arabia.
Office Tel: + 966 8111000196, 0562674620