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The ground school building, hedged by trees and safety walls, stretched over 1,200 square meters of area, built at one side of the runway-33, is mainly used for training purpose. It has recently been upgraded with 3 large classrooms and a simulator suite, housing an ATD. Students have ground training with a view of the runway and the aircraft parking apron area. Each classroom is well equipped with training materials, flight plan maps, weather updates and altitude reminders.

During training, students receive computer-based courseware training to focus on theoretical knowledge particular to lessons. The academy offers ICAO level 4 English Language Proficiency Training and Testing Services. Students experience coherent and relevant language training exposure selective to the aviation industry.

Adding on, the academy has an operations/dispatch/planning master room, offices and briefing cubicles, conference room and a student lounge with dining facilities. The plan of constructing a new building would house VIP charter/FBO and Aero club rooms, full motion simulator suite engineering and flight school admin offices and facilities.

The Aero club and private aircraft management is being developed to meet the new GACA regulations along with dispatcher training, Hazardous materials training.

Flying career paces with student's enthusiastic and keen learning                        relationship with the instructor. At RWAA, we stress
                                                   on keeping it infallible positive.

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