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Creating desired conditions for practicing flight maneuvers – Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy has one upgraded TD 2 for students. It is a single engine land, high winged desktop basic training device that offers controlled environment. Approved by GACA and FAA, the simulator is updated with optional Parrot software that supports voice recognition to play autonomous ATC or an efficient instructor for trainees. Students could practice radio conversations and simultaneously get corrections for standard procedures. Students could select their favorite approach, time, altitude, wind speed, visibility and weather on the trainer and would get half an hour of private pilot certificate course training or ten hours of Instrument Rating training. Improving their current training and flight skills or focusing on a special instance, students perform practice scenarios on the trainer with/without an instructor.

Thou art an eagle, thou does not belong to the sky and not to the earth,
          Stretch forth thy wings and fly. __ Paul H. Dunn

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