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Pilots holding foreign license and intend to convert it to GACA certificate would go for the license conversion program. This program is customized to pilots’ particular needs.

Following eight steps outline the license conversion program:

  • Initial/Renewed GACA medical Certificate

  • Induction: Verified copy of licenses and ratings, send for drug and CRB check, detail of Saudi national ID for Rabigh Airport entry-pass issuance.

  • Comprehensive Ground School covering GACA ELP, AIP, Commercial and Instrument Rating written and examination practice.

  • Taking ELP, AIP written exam, Commercial and Instrument Rating written exam.

  • Holders of non-FAA professional license and holders of FAA commercial ASEL only: Validation of license, issue of restricted PPL, 10 hours single-engine Instrument Flight Training Course, GACA oral and practical Instrument Flight Test.

  • Holders of current FAA commercial instrument AMEL and other qualification please refer to stage 5, mentioned above. Further, Integrated Flight Training Course -25 hours on multi engine covering type conversion, cross country, Commercial & Instrument maneuvers and oral test preparation. Sign off for GACA check ride.

  • GACA oral and flight check ride, issue of temporary AMEL commercial/instrument license, completely qualified, fit for JOC/MCC/ Type conversion

  • Issue of full Conversion license.

For holders of foreign licenses and/or any logbook mistake or shortfalls, they would be rectified in accordance with GACA 61.12 aeronautical experience requirements.

 Keeping slide slip and acceleration zero by controlling
             pitch, yaw and roll results in coordinated flight.

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